About Us

Global Kimya was established in 2000 to operate in the field of industrial maintenance chemicals with experienced staff from the sector.

In a short span of time, it has become the standing supplier of leading companies in different sectors.

With the intent of providing better service at all times, Global Kimya is continuing its corporate development without interruption.


  • Being the company that determines the standard of customer satisfaction on the market by providing products and services with the highest quality,
  • Proposing the best solutions to you with our experienced staff,
  • Establishing long-term solution partnerships with you,
  • Identifying requirements both for today and future and directing company resources to meet them,
  • Being the BEST of good as Global Kimya.

  • Providing companies in different sectors with products that fit the structure, needs, specifications of the industry in which they operate. By doing so, offering companies a secure platform where they can combine their existing production structure with traditional business concepts with technology,
  • Promoting timely and creative solutions,
  • Adding new products to our portfolio every day with successful R&D activities carried out in line with incoming requests,
  • While carrying out all our work, we are committed to manufacture products that are respectful to the environment and contributing to sustainable civilization,
  • While carrying out activities, Global Kimya maintains its organizational purpose and service concept with the excitement on the first day.

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